Why We need Dual motor ebike(AWD)

Why We need Dual motor ebike(AWD) - BoomBike

Electric bikes are remarkable machines that offer numerous benefits to a wide range of people. Typically, the motor assists your pedaling by applying power and torque through the rear wheel. But what if your next eBike had two motors?

AWD (all-wheel drive) or dual motor electric bikes take assisted riding to the next level. In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of dual-motor electric bikes and discuss the new Perraro Tiger.

What Is an AWD Electric Bike?

An AWD electric bike features two motors, one on each wheel. Having two motors doesn't necessarily mean you can ride twice as fast due to legal and technical constraints. However, a dual-motor electric bike offers several other advantages.

Single Motor Vs. Dual Motor Electric Bikes

Electric bikes enable you to ride with the motor assisting your pedaling or using a throttle without pedaling. Either way, you can utilize the motor's support to tackle steep hills. With an AWD electric bike, however, you receive enhanced assistance.

While the dual motors make an AWD electric bike heavier than a single-motor eBike, this difference is typically negligible during rides. However, it's worth considering if you frequently need to transport your bike or load it onto a rack.

Similar to riding a single-motor eBike, managing battery usage is crucial when riding a dual-motor bike. Your maximum range depends on your riding style. A dual-motor eBike offers flexibility to optimize efficiency or harness all available power as needed. When the motors work in tandem, they operate cooler, further enhancing efficiency and extending your riding range.

Advantages of Riding an AWD Electric Bike

      Zeegr S1,Dual Motor,Full Suspension,Double Hydraulic brake

  1. Extra Power and Traction

The dual motors collaborate to deliver increased power to both wheels simultaneously. This enables you to ascend steep inclines strewn with gravel and tree roots. Additionally, if your AWD electric bike is equipped with fat tires, you can navigate through soft mud, sand, and snow, enhancing your bike's versatility.

  1. Extra Momentum

Dual motors facilitate quicker acceleration on an eBike. However, the added weight allows for effortless coasting, conserving energy and prolonging battery life for a smoother ride.

  1. Reduced Fatigue

Not every ride requires a rigorous workout. At times, you simply want to reach your destination and return home without breaking a sweat. The dual motors of an AWD electric bike make commuting effortless, ensuring you have ample energy for the return journey.

  1. Trail Preservation

With power evenly distributed between both wheels, AWD electric bikes are gentler on off-road trails. This consideration is crucial when cycling in national parks and other natural landscapes.

  1. Enhanced Durability

Collaborative motor operation reduces stress, resulting in lower operating temperatures and prolonged motor lifespan. Moreover, if one motor malfunctions during a ride, the other motor ensures you can safely return home.

  1. Improved Handling

AWD electric bikes excel not only off-road but also on paved surfaces. With power distributed evenly to the ground, traction is enhanced, boosting confidence during cornering.

            Zeegr F1 Pro Dual Motor2000W 35mph,60miles

  1. Year-Round Cycling

While many cyclists store their bikes during winter, dual-motor eBike owners can continue riding. The AWD system's additional traction enables riding on any surface without concern for wheel slippage or getting stuck.

  1. Enhanced Load Capacity

Single-motor eBikes may struggle when carrying heavy loads, especially uphill. AWD electric bikes, with their dual motors, double the torque, facilitating effortless transportation of heavy loads.

  1. Confidence Boost

The increased traction from large-volume tires and the AWD system instills confidence, particularly when riding on slippery surfaces.

  1. Acceleration

Simultaneous utilization of both motors accelerates the bike faster than a regular eBike. This acceleration proves beneficial when tackling short, steep climbs or commuting amidst traffic, enhancing safety in urban environments.


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