Be a Boombike Representative

Are you a dedicated and passionate Boombike Rider who loves to share your e-bike experience with others? Do you enjoy providing test rides to potential buyers and being an active member of your community? If you own a Boombike e-bike, we invite you to join our ranks and become a Boombike product representative!

What's in it for You?

  1. Rewarding Referrals: When a test rider uses your exclusive coupon code to make a purchase, you'll receive a reward as a token of our appreciation.

  2. Sole Agent Opportunity: As a representative, you have the potential to become our exclusive agent in your region, unlocking exciting business opportunities.

  3. Early Access to New Models: You'll have the chance to be among the first to experience and promote our latest e-bike models through deep cooperation.

Your Privacy Matters

Rest assured, we respect your privacy. While we will list your information on our website's test-ride location page to allow potential riders to contact you, we will never sell your personal information. Your data's security is a top priority.

No Investment, No Risk

Perhaps the most significant benefit is that you can earn from every order without any upfront investment. There are no financial risks involved – just rewards for your dedication.

If this opportunity aligns with your interests and you're eager to share the joy of Boombike e-bikes, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Join our community of Boombike Representatives and help us make the world a better place, one e-bike at a time.

Contact us today to get started!